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Epoxy vs Polyurea

Why Our Polyurea is Superior to Epoxy?
It's all about quality of coating, expert preparation and application.


More Durable Than Epoxy

Impact resistance greatly affects the long term adhesion as well as the wear and tear of your floor coating.


Extremely Flexibile

Our coating is 98% more flexible than epoxy which allows it to resist most impacts, preventing chipping or peeling.


Stain Resistant

Spills happen, and with our coating all you need for an easy cleanup is a towel and general purpose cleaner.


NO Yellowing or Fading

Epoxy will yellow over time, our pure polyurea is designed and tested to withstand exposure to the sun and UV light.

Problems With Epoxy Floor Coatings & Low-Grade Paint

Though epoxy may be considered a viable short-term coating solution to some, our team wants you to get more out of your investment. 

Since epoxy is subject to failure much sooner than our high-end coating services, we’re here to educate consumers on all the issues they’ll likely have to deal with when choosing epoxy as a coating solution. After two decades of rectifying epoxy floor failures, we are confident that our coatings go above and beyond short-lived epoxy coating for the following reasons:



We Fix Epoxy Floor Failures in & near Kansas City Metro Area.

Here at APEX Concrete Coatings, we’ve seen a lot of failed DIY epoxy jobs. Though epoxy was a hit in the past, time will show that epoxy coating is not meant to last more than a few years. That’s because this product is intended to be a type of “maintenance coating” and not a lasting solution. If you’ve tried epoxy or paint coatings with the same old adverse results, we can help rectify your epoxy floor or concrete coatings. Learn more about what we can do for your epoxy flooring failures and why our high-end coating systems are the superior choice for your next coating project.
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